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tv   Today  NBC  September 17, 2016 2:08am-3:00am EDT

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? just outside of ? >> oh, what a song. this guy -- >> ? as the coffee he was drinking ? >> we love this man. >> well, this man did something last night that was beautiful. he helped us to take these two deserving moms, who have been through a tough time. anyone who's shepherded a child through a terrible illness, you know, and your heart just get to out. hearts. i got to tell you, embraced by the entire crowd in charlotte last night. >> it was beautiful. you're going to meet these two women, sue and kathy. we swept them away. took them on a plane. took them to charlotte, north carolina, and gave them a girls' night out. we're going to have all of that. and we kind of had a surprise, didn't we, billy. at the concert? we were about to leave. it was charlotte, north carolina, it was getting late
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>> i had a set list from the tour manager. hoda, colder weather, the song we were just listening to a second ago is coming up. we must stay through this and then we got a surprise we couldn't possibly -- have dreamed of. >> zac walks out, holding a hand of a young girl. >> i thought it was his daughter. >> this beautiful young girl's name, thought she would sing, she happens to be blind. legally blind, suffering from other issues. stepped out onstage. check out what happened. >> oh. ? [ cheers and applause ] >> she sang "colder weather" and that crowd embraced her. she go to the south carolina school for the deaf and blind and she -- when she walked off the stage we both kind of walked
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hugged her and the tears just came down. look at -- watch hoda. look at this. the tears just come down so hard. couldn't stop crying, either one of us. crying now, think be about it, what she's gone through, and then she started crying, and, remember, she's blind. i whispered to her, do you know that -- >> we're crying? >> she says, oh, yeah. yes, i do. >> one of the most amazing young people you'll ever meet in your life. and it just showed you how much we communicate wut like, she felt the crowd. she felt everyone around her. i could cry thinking about it, but one of those things you do one of those cries like i'm watching "beaches" at home alone in the living room with snot pouring down at a point. it was so bad and it didn't matter. >> that was the subplot. right? you'll meet these two moms, sue and kathy. zac brown got involved. he and the band.
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>> and also we'll talk to miley cyrus on the program. miley's with us. >> yeah. >> zac brown sports a nice beard. >> he has a great beard. >> do you like a beard? >> on him. not me, i don't think. if i worked for zac brown, hoda it would look something like this. of course, always wear as hat. so this is -- this is what it would look like. you see what i'm saying? >> it doesn't work. no. no. you look like some kind of weird cartoon. >> you feel like zac is sitting here. is it as good as the real thing? no. >> they say women looking for a long-term relationship find men with beards more attractive than those who have clean shaven. >> really? >> no, i don't. >> really? >> speaking of another zac -- floor director is sporting a little bit of a stubble. i think women like the -- women like the stubble. i think the stubble is definitely a 10. yeah -- no.
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>> and cue zack. >> this is what's going on. lumber sexual, used to call it. a lumber sexual is the guy has was too -- clothes too perfect. face creams too much and then lumber sexual came a little. a little of the beard. the guy might actually chop wood. zach's case, not the -- a little manlier feel. i understand that. >> i think that is. you don't sport that. >> i can't. >> youri i just saw billy putting face cream on in the makeup room. nothing like a man putting on face cream. how do you do it? they don't even know what they're doing. shove their hands in their face -- like what are you doing? he goes, putting cream on. i said, that is aggressive. >> show me way dropper going like this with little circles doing this and getting my crow's feet and all that -- >> it would be a turnoff. no. looking at people with beards before and after and see -- billy, before and after? something else? we already did it.
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>> without. definitely. >> without. >> without. >> right. ladies? i think we all agree. >> ten times better. ryan gosling. >> with. with. >> with? >> with. >> yeah. >> pretty good vocal back there. >> with. >> okay. that's it? >> let's go on. >> let's go on. >> with, with. imagine seeing him without, like seeing donald trump without a tie or in short sleeves. >> speaking of donald trump did you watch fallon last night? >> i love this. >> you do? >> i've been in there before. >> beneath the hairsprayed hard surface to look for connection and have seen it. so i know the hair is real, bud but what he did went a step further. he went where no man has gone before. take a look. >> can i mess your hair up?
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>> go ahead. >> yes! donald trump, everybody! >> oh -- >> i'll do it as well. >> oh -- definitely longer on one side. definitely longer over here. okay? and -- evens out when he gets to this side, but if you undo it, it's definitely -- down -- here -- [ laughter ] >> oh, that is so good. >> hey -- >> willing to go there and makes him a bit of a -- >> into astrology, a fun game to play. do you think your zodiac sign has any influence on your rest room habits? bathroom habits? >> something i've thought about a lot. i can say. [ sound of toilet flushing ] >> according to mr. rooter --
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so -- >> some results. >> you're a leo? >> i'm leo. >> hoda is a leo. okay. when leo has to go, the whole world knows about it. they also take their sweet time taking care of business and have no shame in spending extra time looking in the mirror, even with a crowd. >> that is so not me. >> a host in the bathroom? >> i do take my time but i don't sit and linger in front of the mirror -- i bet you've taken bathroom selfies. i was with you last night in charlotte, north carolina and she took a million selfies. >> i did. >> five feet took ten minutes because hoda will not turn down a selfie. >> billy's a libra. it they're peace seekers. while libras like the company of a bathroom buddy. >> i do, yeah. >> they prefer to take care of business in a quiet atmosphere. preferably with a book.
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maybe 20 years ago. no. i answer e-mail. [ laughter ] >> oh, god, this is really embarrassing. >> oh, my -- >> all right, kids. you have a big event and want a whole makeover for a daughter's wedding or high school reunion, our ambush makeover team wants to make you look extra special. head to our website. clack and get on that. >> nobody better in the business than the makeover team for sure. another shout-out, rallying for pink power. we know it takes a village to support when someone is sick and that small things can make a difference from cooking to cleaning and playing music. help us give them a great day. if you know someone affected by breast cancer that could use a helping hand we want to hear their story and give them the surprise of a lifetime. >> go to, tell us about them. they'll love the surprise. coming up, one of the
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she gets tongues wag, doesn't she? >> stick it out. there it is. miley cyrus talks about her new gig on "the voice" and the one thing she does all the time with dolly parton. >> yeah. >> what would you do with dolly parton? oh, dishwasher, why don't you dry my dishes? oh, he doesn't know any better. you just need to add finish? jet-dry? in the rinse aid compartment. it's there for a reason. it dries much better than detergent alone. sorry dishwasher. finish? jet-dry?. for drier, shinier dishes.
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it's going to be a big year for "the voice" as it kicks off its 11th season on nbc. joining the cast, none other than miley cyrus. >> i had a chance to talk to her why she does her own makeup and why she loves to stick that tongue out. she explains. take a listen. >> happy to be here. hello. is it true that you had never, ever, ever seen an episode of "the voice" before you came on it? it's okay. >> ugh-oh. i haven't even seen my oh episode. makes it better. haven't seen my own episode. i was kind of, to be honest, i think i -- i had ideas of what i
2:21 am
what it means to be on a singing competition, but that's not what this show is. it really isn't about -- especially for my team. i told them to take the competition out of this. right now we have 40 people on our teams and one person will win. 39 people to see those people go home and have heartbreak, i can't see that many people feel that sadness because i want them to know they've, this is such an accomplishment, such a win for them. >> on some shows you can tell against each other and try to make it a thing. when you go into the show do they say to you, okay, miley, this is what we're looking for? >> it's so unscripted and there's no -- no setup or nothing fake about it. if it was i wouldn't be doing it. that's something nice for "the voice" because they know i wouldn't say it if i didn't mean it and everyone knows that's the
2:22 am
i'm inspired by all the talent that i see, because i think now -- i didn't, like -- one chick that stuck in my mind when i was mentoring. it wasn't even when i was a coach, and i said, what are you going to do when you get back home? work at the post office. i was like, does every person who drops off my mail sing like whitney houston? what is the deal? now i have to ask my dentist and stuff, can you sing? i'm a medical device salesman, he sings like all crazy. i can't even believe -- i think -- they feel so uninspired, i think, in their lives. to get this inspiration i think a lot of people get reinspired by the show. a lot people on the show say this is my last chance of trying. trying my whole life and then i'm giving up. you can't give up now. you just got started by even being here and being on the show, i couldn't even do it. you're breaking such a fear factor, because it's so -- why i don't -- i don't like being on camera or in front of audiences. you're immediately going to be judged.
2:23 am
to tell them what they didn't like about the performance. >> you don't like being on camera? >> i actually don't. that's why i stick my tongue out. a nervous habit of don't look at me. look at my tongue and it works. it's worked for like five years. yeah. it's amazing. >> i'm surprised to learn you do your own makeup? i know it's a small thing but so many people are always having a huge glam squad. before you go on "the voice" do you break out your stuff and do it? >> i'm very organized. i'd love to show you my kid. stickers, pink -- it's, it looks like an 8-year-old with ocd, which is basically what i am. i do it because i like drawing and painting and i think, you know, a lot of people try to change you. i think if they want to -- we're going to make your eyes look like this today. i've had these eyes 23 years. don't change them now! i guess people like to change the way they look now. >> one of the great things.
2:24 am
parton on the show. cass and i did. loved her. she was asked, of all the people who have ever sang the song "jolene" everyone's covered it. who was your favorite, she looked up, i think it was miley. when you hear your godmother give you compliments from one of the greatest singers of all-time do you still kind of get a little pinch me from that? >> for her, like, and i'm -- i'm so, i'm so honored to know her and i feel so grateful she would say that but what i've learned most about dolly is, and the thing i think i in treats people. when she comes into the room, the least important you are wherever she is, she's going to say hi to you first. she goes -- it doesn't matter who it is. you know? so she's just so kind and so giving and so i think -- she's also a person she never says anything she doesn't mean and would mean that if she says it,
2:25 am
her and i can only fax together because she doesn't text. i would have had to fax her something really not nice. and you know -- yeah. i would have to send a very aggressive fax and -- she would have said somewhere else from that. >> we're going to play a little game. you want to play? >> i want to play. >> we're going to play something called "name that voice" covers other people are singing. >> covers other people are singing. >> we're going to guess the voice. i don't know who it is. don't show it roll it up or down. here's the first one. ? put on my blue suede shoes ? >> will we know the person? ? touchdown in the land of the ? >> oh, cher! >> no! that's -- >> yes -- >> it must be. okay. what's the next one? ? you are my sunshine ? >> johnny. johnny cash. >> next. country. all right, ready.
2:26 am
from the neighborhood ? >> bar bra -- barbara. >> i was going to say. >> barbara. >> yes! >> one more? ? young and lovely ? >> michael buble. >> sinatra. the older buble. >> oh, cool! i like this game. >> dolly? >> yes! >> i got johnny and dolly right. that's important. >> so much fun on "the voice" excited to see you. miley, thank you so much. "the voice" returns this monday, 8:00, 7:00 central right here on nbc. >> the other jolene, zac brown a has a lun in -- line in it that reminds me of you.
2:27 am
on to a nine pound hammer or a woman like you, hoda. a great line. speaking of zac, oh, he made a dream happen last night. surprised two moms with us. moms who really deserved a girls' night out. >> wait until you see their reactions coming up right after this. ? ? one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. i love my shop, but my back pain was making it hard to sleep and open up on time. then i found aleve pm. the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. now i'm back. aleve pm for a better am. oh, dishwasher, why don't you dry my dishes?
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put a big smile on your face, time for webtastic. today one of the most adorable videos ever. >> two 5-year-olds best friends since they were born. 17 months ago one of the kids's many families a military family had to move away. >> one of the moms decided to stage a surprise reunion. check out what happened when the kiddos noticed each other at the airport. >> hi! >> come on, buddy. >> you can give her a hug. >> oh!
2:31 am
>> oh. >> that's it. that's it right there. right? i mean, come on. >> oh -- oh! >> look at him. trying to be all manly for a second, kind of cool, like this is embarrassing. cameras rolling but couldn't contain himself. he just lurches her. -- loves her. >> that hug, by the way, last add full minute. one minute. >> and when i'm tired i cries easier. don't do this to me. get me out of this, hoda, >> two moms had a tough go get to let loose. they had no idea the surprises we had in store for them. >> how to be a superfan without being super annoying. thomas farley. a zac brown surprise. >> let's just walk away. >> we're ready! ready! ngestion
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we are back on this try day friday. billy's in for kath. watching this weekend -- football, who isn't? >> going to new orleans. >> no. it's here. whether you're tailgating or heading to a bar to watch your favorite team or sitting in the stands at your kid's little league game there are rules of etiquette.
2:35 am
tailgating is fun but some take it too far. >> yeah. >> they take it very seriously as you both know. a few rules when tailgating starting with bringing plenty of food. >> extra. >> it's all about sharing. don't be skimpy. sharing with the people next to you. make sure you come well equipped. >> okay. >> next, the barbecue. >> barbecue, yes. >> you want to make sure that the smoke is not wafting to your neighbor's. contain the smoke. >> how do you do that? not upwind of the people next to you. >> and the best, be indoors. like we are now. >> even better. >> next, cigarette smoke. >> oh, no. >> if you're a smoker, if you are smoking, be well clear of the food and the spectators. in a parking lot, steer clear. >> these are our staffers, by the way. awesome job. go get 'em. >> and last, not least, keep it easy on the booze. right?
2:36 am
make sure you have a designated driver but don't be that drunk person in the parking lot. >> speaking of booze, billy, shall we go to the bar? >> come on. pace yourself. >> all right. so -- >> evan schulman behind the bar. >> tending bar. >> all right. [ applause ] >> so cute. we're at our favorite sports bar. right? >> the first thing you want to do watching a game, call ahead, make sure they're showing the game want to watch. the worst thing to do, show up, find out they're showing a different game. table near the tv. so, again, pre-arrange that if you can so you're not screaming across the bar yelling at your favorite team. >> what if there are rivals next to each other? sometimes that can get hairy. >> this is all part of the fun. especially in a sports bar, by the same token you want to keep it respectful. you don't want to get too out of hand. >> i love it. >> such a good job, by the way, >> excellent.
2:37 am
don't bring a friend who's not a sports fan, yeah, we're going to grab drinks, go for a sandwich. >> or debbie downer. >> and they're hostage to your game for the next who two hours while you watch the game. >> true. you want to watch the game and no talking. >> don't double book. >> let's go to the game. >> giants stadium. going to the game. >> huge sports, all my daughter, got to tell you. those people you got to address. >> in the stands, at the football game. >> football game. >> first thing, you people who come late and a shoving their way past in the aisle. >> excuse me, excuse me. yes. >> do we know them? my assistant. he's that guy. >> so the key is, wait for a break in the action. >> yeah. >> you definitely want to say, excuse me, as you're gliding your way through, and, please, time your bathroom breaks so you're not getting up and down 17 times in the middle of the game. >> what about standing up? some are upset you stand up blocking their view. because they're sitting -- >> if there's a big play --
2:38 am
>> the whole stadium, one thing. you're the only person, probably a problem. >> i have a drink spilled on my. someone got excited. if that kind of things happens -- >> it happens. profusely apologize. >> joel, with you, your boyfriend has to post up. yo, guy, don't spill drinks on my lady. and he'll be a little nervous and tight where is it going the go? could it be a fight? >> awkward. >> we're at little league now, aren't we? >> this is the little league game. >> the youngsters. >> where the parents really get out of hand. right? >> i have boyish good looks. >> yes, you do. i think we've all seen those screaming parents yelling at other players, yelling at their own players. truly, be respectful. these coaches, referees, they're volunteers. treat them with respect. get to know them and encourage your child to practice good sportsmanship. >> good job, alex! coming up, how to pull off
2:39 am
you'll be seeing this fall. >> and all of this later, quizzed. we managed to pull off one of the biggest surprises ever for two incredible moms. you will not want to miss that, right after this. >> i love that song. anything med needs a stable foundation. a body without proper foot support can mean pain. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet and recommends our custom fit orthotic to stabilize your foundation and relieve lower-back, find your nearest kiosk at also available from dr. scholl's: heavy duty support for lower back pain, lightens the impact of every step. ? feel a spark of emotion light up every inch of you. feel warm inside. feel our big beautiful candle. feel glade.
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a night billy and i had last night. it started, remember last week, billy and i asked to reveal our favorite concerts. >> we revealed at the same time and both of us said the zac brown band. wild. this cancer awareness week decided to share it with two moms. >> we found two ladies who dedicated their lives to
2:43 am
and these ladies could really use a night out. >> what we did not tell them is where we were headed. >> is that sue and kathy? >> kathy? >> reporter: it turned into a night kathy and sue never would have dreamed they'd have time to enjoy, after spending countless months alongside their children fighting the battle of their lives. >> my son scott at age 15 was diagnosed with leukemia and that totally changed our world. i think the hardest thing was we had to go and tell our son, and his words were, which, like, resound in my ears all the time. he said, it's okay. i can this. i can fight this. as mom i would have traded places at any given time. i think my personality was, no. i want to be in charge, because if i wasn't in charge of that i had no control over the situation, and it's a situation you really don't -- you really don't have a lot of control
2:44 am
today scott's healthy, strong 28-year-old, who's living his life to the fullest. i'm so proud of who he is today. >> casey was diagnosed on may 2015. she's a rare case that you [ inaudible ] lie daughter changed our lives completely. she asked me, why? why mommy, why me? can you tell your kid why? and i said, i don't know, but you have to be strong. as a mom, taking care of a kid through cancer, i am on call 24/7. during medications i learn how to give her shots. i feel like i'm doing it all, and i need to take a break. i am lucky that she is doing better. so it was her time to go back to school. casey is the funniest little
2:45 am
she's brave. >> kathy and sue have hardly had time for themselves so we wanted to make sure we gave them the royal treatment with a bunch of surprises. ? >> reporter: a limo ride to an undisclosed location. >> a mystery door opening. >> and a very long walk. >> that's sue and kathy! >> first of all, we love you. both of you. >> yes. and we know your story and what you've been through. >> and we thought that you guys deserved a -- girls' -- >> all: girls' night out. >> we're going have dancing. we're going to have singing. >> okay. >> and we're going to have to do some flying to get there. >> okay. >> are you all game? to get on a plane? >> yeah. >> yes. >> be careful. >> you go on. i'll push you. >> our destination, charlotte,
2:46 am
the zac brown band concert. >> make a big toast to the zac brown band. cheers! oh! >> the surprises didn't stop there. >> we love you! >> girls say hello to sue, say hello to kathy. the great zac brown and band. >> husband ted is a huge zac brown fan so we wanted to include him in the action. ted, we've gone a surprise for you. guess when your wife is. here we go. >> yes, i'm ready. >> she's with -- zac brown. >> that's just wrong. >> then it was concert time. >> bang! >> yes! ? the reality is history ? >> after scoring an unprecedented all-access pass, we even got the rock star treatment backstage. >> one, two, three -- ?
2:47 am
on my heart ? >> best night ever! ? >> that was beautiful. >> oh, gosh. they got the t-shirts out. that was fun. >> they are two wonderful moms, and, again, their kids, praise god, are doing well. so it makes you feel good and they needed that night, too. >> thanks to everybody in the zac brown organization. they have 18, 18-wheelers. 120 people on that tour and they all stopped and put down what they were doing for kathy and sue. >> a beautiful, beautiful night. ah. all right. the weather may be cooling down, but you know what? you can still look hot. >> five fall trends for fashion for every figure? oh, yeah. right after this. it's amazing out there means to me the wonder and the wow of
2:48 am
it could be the smallest ice crystal, the biggest storm cloud. >> what dos amazing out there mean to me? it means looking up and being inspired even if it is straight up blue skies how beautiful is that. >> that burst of red that happens when the sun comes up in the morning. >> watching lightning streaking across the sky. >> in the roll of the thunder it's just -- it's just one of the most amazi >> that's what it's amazing out there is and what it means to you mentally and the memories you take away from that weather. >> how that affects our lives and day-to-day. what is in the stores, what are we going to wear, what is everything going to cost? all the interactions that the weather has influences on it that's why it's amazing out there. >> what it means for me is it lets the world know what's happening at the weather channel.
2:49 am
channel's coverage unique is we are meteorologists. we know what's going on with the weather and that makes a tremendous difference. >> someone walks up and says thanks for being there. >> we have a charge, we have a responsibility. we have a drive to provide the information to people, to help them help the communities, help the families stay safe. it matters so enough. >> when you link the people side up to t science and the data it drives home the importance of what we do. >> i love weather. >> i do love weather. >> i love the weather and i love working with people who love the weather. >> every single day is going to be something spectacular.
2:50 am
any needs a stable foundation. a body without proper foot support can mean pain. the dr. scholl's kiosk maps your feet and recommends our custom fit orthotic to stabilize your
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>> announcer: fall fashion trends created with our sponsor, kohl's. own your everyday runway.
2:52 am
which means it's time to freshen up the new look for the new season. >> before you go shopping arm yourselves with the latest trends. here to show us looks for women of all shape, styles and sizes, christine bibbo herr. >> hi, christine. >> how are you? >> okay. >> five trends to roll out. >> yes. ready for fall. and it's so great. the colors are amazing this season. deep plums and fun denim trends. you're going to love it. >> bring cynthia out. our first trend. what is cynthia rocking? >> cynthia is rocking a trend i call peekaboo, and look at -- >> a blousy top with a fun floral print. >> surprise on the side. >> sexy on the arms. little slits, and these neck ties are really big, but if you look, sort of like an overlay fabric. easy, breezy, not over powering. sheer fabrics make it more wearable. and movement when she moves.
2:53 am
deeper legging so it brings out the floral color. >> and booties. i love a booty. >> love that. >> thanks. >> next, turning and burning. is she burning on our giant -- >> we had her on a lazy susan but she's not in it. >> rocking or trench coat. details, accents updating styles, a basic trench. scalloped necklines and fancy buttons. so it's more updated than your neutral trends. and then florals for fall are huge. >> really? is that right? >> brightening things up a little bit. yes. a great a-line black dress here. cinches her in at the waist and covers her thigh and hip area. but that floral print is fun for fall. >> darker hues so it doesn't feel like summer? >> exactly. a black base of the dress but flowers freshen it up. >> beautiful. thanks, hon. bring out myrna. >> myrna's going to -- >> oh, go, myrna, go myrna.
2:54 am
moto jacket trend going strong and updating it with a softer fabric, feminine colors. that rose-gold detail. wearable for day, and a floral, again, underneath with, on a black background and skinny jeans. so she's like rocker chic but softer and a little more feminine. >> never seen a rose gold zipper. >> right. isn't that amazing? >> really cute. >> those boots, get the booties. they go with everything. right? >> a zipper detail down there, too. th'r easy to get on, stomp around town and the heel and looks chick. >> myrna, thank you, hon. >> erica, spinning towards us with a little woman about town look. >> yes. we have stripes on erica. the stripes and brights. >> yes. a little smaller. and the side panels are vertical. horizontal and versicle for a swimming effect and broke it up with a denim vest, casual and fun.
2:55 am
>> and the only thing you need all fall, the shoe, booty. >> do not return that. walk right out of here. take that stuff. >> it's great. >> you look great. >> finally, denim is always friendly. mixing up denim. >> can never have enough denim. denim on denim here. some people are a little hesitant to do, but you can do it mixing fabrics and bottom, distressing, then elevated it with a lace and a heel. so the berry color, a little lace top. she can go out from day to night in this. >> leather and lace go together, bet denim and lace go together nice here. >> definitely. >> yes. thank you so much. >> looking great. >> thanks. thanks for all the tips. >> all available at kohl's. one-stop shop. >> we'll be back in just a moment with more. >> first, this is "today" on
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how fun was today and last night and all day yesterday? >> oh, going to see zac the girls, kathy, sue, we'll stay in touch with them. >> and thank you. how fun is it when you hang with us? look as our selfie. >> thank you. >> next week we have a big show. we have a front row seat for all that. >> actually told her, selfie-ers elbow. like a tennis player, tennis elbow? >> there is was. that was it. >> unheard of.
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mendes. thank you, billy. mendes. thank you, billy. >> the following is a paid advertisement from star vista entertainment and time life. >> ? you're the meaning in my life ? ? you're the inspiration ? >> ? that's how much i feel ? >> ? feel for you, baby ? >> ? how much i feel ? >> ? well, i need your touch ? >> intimate moments, unforgettable romances, the language of love can be spoken in many ways. and nothing ignites your emotions like the power of love. >> ? i'll always love you ? ? for the rest of my days ? >> ? a one in a million ?


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